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9 May 2012, Johannesburg-Paris-San Francisco

Live interview with Faith Fuller, President and co-founder of CRR Global, Inc www.crrglobal.com on the topic of Relationship Systems and South African Business. This podcast is a scene setter about the roots of this work, which has been generated by Faith and her partner and co-founder of CRR Global, Marita Fridjhon, and is now available worldwide through the partnership network of CRR Global. The voices you hear on the audio clip are Mish Middelmann, the interviewer, and Faith Fuller.

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For more about the Relationship Systems approach to business leadership, coaching and consulting, you are welcome to join CRR Global CEO Marita Fridjhon live in Johannesburg at the Wits Club on 16 May 2012 from 5.30 to 6.30 pm - visit http://linkd.in/JflljH to sign up.

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