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9 May 2012, Johannesburg-Paris-San Francisco

Mish Middelmann interviews Faith Fuller, President and co-founder of CRR Global, Inc www.crrglobal.com on the topic of Relationship Systems and South African Business. This podcast explores the mixed heritages of South Africa - individualism and ubuntu - and how we can lead the way in bringing a balance that is needed by business worldwide. Faith draws on her experience working around the globe in its most individualist and most collectivist cultures and concludes that in more community-oriented cultures people ofen "...don't have a voice ... often don't take much of a stand, rather wait and see what the group will do" often ending up for example with unpopular governments, and "in highly individualistic cultures it's everybody's got their voice and nobody's listening".

She ends with a powerful systems vision for business to find a balance between these extremes - and an important role for South Africa at the forefront of tackling the tensions arising.

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